Enterprise Frameworks with Value Streams Enable Agile at Scale

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Enterprise Frameworks with Value Streams Enable Agile at Scale Management Considerations for Enterprise Agile The current wave of tech trends is pushing digital transformation to new levels in all industries. As organizations seek to scale their digital transformation initiatives and become agile across the board so they can adapt swiftly to market changes, competitive threats, and customer needs, they are learning that they need to incorporate new methodologies and frameworks. "Inertia makes it difficult for CIOs and their organizations to scale digital business transformation. 85% percent of leaders have plans for digital optimization, and 66% have plans for digital business transformation. But only 16% have achieved optimization at scale, and at 11%, even fewer for transformation." 85% Transformation at scale requires the ability to create a great deal of software rapidly, and continuously stay on top of the effect that the software is having on the business. While Agile plus DevOps enable continuous software delivery, the technical and business implications of doing so at scale are so overarching that the topic of enterprise Agile is in the technology spotlight. But the technological aspects of it also deserve the business spotlight at the highest levels of an organization across all functions. Why? Managing large software portfolios to make sure they deliver the expected value is exponentially more complex than it is in small contexts where negative consequences and risks are easier to catch early, mitigate and absorb. At scale, if continuous deployment is not kept in alignment with the business it can lead to unexpected consequences, raise risk, and delay software delivery. Painful consequences caught too late can have lasting effects on customers, employees, financials and valuation, all of which Boards and investors care about. Deployed correctly, enterprise Agile can address this. "Adoption of Agile isn't enough to enable CD. Agile teams can speed the development process, but maximum delivery cadence can only be achieved by adopting DevOps." Gartner "Solution Path for Achieving Continuous Delivery With Agile and DevOps," March 2019 Gartner "Tactics to Scale Digital Business Transformation for 'Free,'" October 2018 WHITEPAPER

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