Sync All of Your Agile Gears

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Sync All of Your Agile Gears Achieve Enterprise Business Agility For years, big companies have had the advantage in the marketplace. Sheer size meant reach and resources that smaller companies couldn't match. So big companies ate small companies. But then technology leveled the playing field and gave smaller companies the means to outpace and outperform larger companies. The laws of the competitive jungle were changing. Fast, agile, small companies could compete with or even eat big, lumbering companies. Agility had a lot to do with that. Over the past decade, teams and departments within organizations have adopted the Agile model—including principles, processes and tools. Data shows that Agile software development teams are bringing products to market 30-75% faster—certainly qualifying as game changing speed. But turning out products faster doesn't necessarily eliminate redundancy or waste. It doesn't guarantee the right outcome. It doesn't automatically align demand with capacity. And it doesn't account for feedback from customers, including downstream correction and recovery. Teams can grow frustrated when they feel like they're working at an extremely high rate, but somehow, they're missing the mark— whatever "the mark" is. In addition to software development teams, Agile principles have been adopted in other areas of the organization, such as: Functional areas like Legal, Finance, HR and Operations, which has enabled companies to harness important organizational knowledge Product Management and Marketing, which has played a key role in bringing the customer voice to DevOps 1 2 WHITEPAPER www.digital.ai

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