The Secret Behind Model-Based Deployments

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THE SECRET BEHIND MODEL-BASED DEPLOYMENTS THE SECRET BEHIND MODEL-BASED DEPLOYMENTS Create a Model Define application ingredients and necessary configurations Define target environments The smarts (rules) are in the plugins Click Deploy The right deployment plan is automatically generated each time – including rollback! DEPLOY 1. Select which app to deploy to which target Click the version of the app Click the target environment 2. 3. Teams are happier that time is freed up to work on cooler tasks! MODEL-BASED BENEFITS WORKFLOW-BASED DOWNFALLS VS • The model dynamically creates a deployment plan for at deployment time, using the latest information about each application and environment • Deployment plans generated automatically in a standardized and repeatable way • Change deployment processes and targets on the fly to meet business demands • If one change is made, all related steps require manual updating • Highly specialized teams needed to manage • Rollbacks have to be manually programmed/ executed for every step of the workflow • Ultimate ease-of-use for users of all technical levels • Rollback plans can be automatically generated and executed • Error-prone • Low-risk/error • Not scalable for enterprise requirements; every workflow has to be manually recreated and kept up to date • Deployments are highly scalable from team to team, application to application, and environment to environment • Standardization is extremely difficult – each workflow is unique • Manually script every step in the workflow… for every application and deployment environment (Dev, Test, UAT, Prod), every time! IT DOESN'T GET ANY EASIER DIGITAL.AI: YOUR DEVOPS GPS Think of XebiaLabs' model-based approach like a GPS. Define a "start" and "end" destination, and your route is dynamically calculated, whereas scripting your deployment workflows require manually specifying each right turn and left turn along your route. If you take a detour or go back the other way, you have to re-script your route! The Value Stream Platform is the only truly model-based solution in the industry. REAL WORLD RESULTS WITH DIGITAL.AI $1M in annual savings 30%-50% faster production deployments 25 hours per deployment saved – multiplied by hundreds of deployments Shortened development lifecycle from weeks to days 60% reduction in time spent carrying out software deployment 14,440+ hours saved per month on software deployments enables enterprises to focus on outcomes instead of outputs, create greater business value faster, and deliver secure digital experiences their customers trust. The Value Stream Platform seamlessly integrates all the disparate tools and processes across the various value streams, uses data and AI/ML to create connective tissue between them, and provides the real-time, contextual insights required to drive and sustain successful digital transformation. With, enterprises have the visibility they've been seeking to deliver value, drive growth, increase profitability, reduce security risk, and improve customer experience. Learn more at DevOps teams at any organization aim to deliver software faster and more reliably. However, many deployment automation tools utilize a workflow approach based on manual scripts, which rapidly become too complex to maintain at scale. As teams leverage automation to streamline and standardize the deployment process, a model-based approach helps meet goals more eciently.

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