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1 PRODUCT DATASHEET MASTER YOUR SOFTWARE CHAIN OF CUSTODY COLLECT. VISUALIZE. REPORT. Who Did What, When, Where, and How? An organization's software chain of custody provides the evidence about everything that happens in your software delivery pipeline. Just as the chain of custody for a piece of evidence involved in a legal case proves that evidence was handled properly, the software chain of custody proves what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen. Without this information, it's impossible to meet compliance and security requirements as you develop and deliver software at scale. (formerly XebiaLabs) offers the world's only on-demand release audit report. Push the button, get the report. You're done. Audit Reporting: Half-done, Fully Painful Today, you're running blind. Your audit and compliance reporting is either half-done or not done at all because it's mostly manual, it steals valuable resources away from development, and it slows the pace of software delivery. Wasting resources—DevOps teams sacrifice thousands of hours a year to meet audit requirements, digging through log files to piece together an incomplete picture of what happened across dozens of tools. Wasting time—Teams can't produce reports fast, so the Audit, Security, and Finance groups don't get the data they need, they can't prove compliance, and they won't approve releases. Wasting money—Enterprises spend a ton of money and time creating audit reports. DevOps teams hate doing them. And the end results don't meet the need. Your End-to-End Software Chain of Custody Platform gives you 100% visibility into your complete software delivery lifecycle, so you can know what happened with every person, every tool, and every process. We integrate with hundreds of tools and orchestrate the end- to-end DevOps toolchain, so we're in the perfect position to collect, deliver, and analyze the data from it.

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