DevOps, Pipelines, Toolchains, and Application Release Orchestration: A Short Primer

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1 WHITEPAPER www.digital.ai DEVOPS, PIPELINES, TOOLCHAINS, AND APPLICATION RELEASE ORCHESTRATION: A Short Primer OVERVIEW In the last few years, companies in all industries have woken up to the reality that in order to stay competitive, they need to excel at delivering a good experience to customers online and in apps. And to deliver user-facing software, many moving parts need to work in harmony, work quickly, and most importantly, not break. But what are those moving parts, and how do they fit together? Here's a primer explaining key concepts surrounding software delivery, from DevOps and Continuous Delivery to pipelines, toolchains, and Application Release Automation/Orchestration. WHAT IS DEVOPS? DevOps is a software engineering practice that brings Development and Operations teams and activities closer together to achieve shorter development cycles and more frequent, more reliable software deployments. DevOps breaks down traditional corporate barriers so that Development and Operations teams are no longer "siloed." These groups often work together as a single team that takes responsibility for bringing an application from the developer's laptop all the way to live, successful deployment in production. And if something breaks, they're all on the hook to fix it. Ultimately, DevOps is about delivering products, features, and services to customers and to the market faster, by improving team collaboration and employing automation throughout the application lifecycle. DevOps practices have rapidly gained wide adoption as a way to optimize software delivery in modern environments. UNDERSTANDING CONTINUOUS DELIVERY AND AUTOMATION Automation of release tasks is a core requirement for DevOps teams. One important thing that automation enables is Continuous Delivery (CD), an approach that focuses on producing software features in short cycles, so any problems that are introduced can be found and fixed quickly. Continuous Delivery principles help Development teams ensure their code is always in a releasable state, which accelerates software delivery and improves overall software quality.

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