Benefits of Declarative Deployment Automation

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1 digital.ai WHITE PAPER Introduction XL Deploy is the only Application Release Automation solution that is based on a declarative approach and does not require you to manually specify a sequence of low-level deployment commands for practically each applicationand environment. Declarative automation is the only automation strategy that has proven its ability to scale to modern enterprise IT, and is becoming a de-facto standard for DevOps automation. In this technical research note, we explain why declarative automation is especially suited to application deployment in today's enterprise IT environments, and outline some of the resulting benefits. What is declarative automation? Declarative automation is an automation strategy that uses the description of the desired goal state – the configuration of a server, a deployed application, the artifacts to be created from a project's source code etc. – as its key input. The primary information source for declarative automation, which is becoming a de- facto standard for DevOps automation, is a description of the "what". This is in contrast to imperative automation, whose primary information source is a set of instructions, typically a script or workflow, on "how" to perform a given task: configure a server, deploy an application, or build a project's deliverables. Declarative automation focuses on the goal and is consequently more robust and flexible, since it is less tightly coupled to particular implementation details, such as the precise command or arguments required to execute a step. As a result, it is increasingly becoming the best practice approach for DevOps automation including Build, Continuous Integration, Deployment and Provisioning. The explicit representation of the goal state also makes it much easier to verify whether the outcome of the automation matches the intended goal, to perform continuous audits and carry out automated remediation. Digital.ai (formerly XebiaLabs) is the industry-leading provider of declarative deployment automation, providing configurable, out-of-the-box deployment profiles for all major middleware stacks. Benefits of declarative deployment automation 1. Large, monolithic applications Declarative automation starts with the description of your desired goal state, so you can always simply refer to it and easily see what it was that you were trying to create. BENEFITS OF DECLARATIVE DEPLOYMENT AUTOMATION

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