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Solution Brief | App Aware The need has never been greater to protect the billions of app endpoints that drive the economy through online banking, payments, eCommerce, medical devices, entertainment, and gaming. Unfortunately, a significant majority of the millions of business apps available from public app stores and countless websites are insufficiently protected against reverse engineering threats. Bad actors can exploit unprotected apps to gain an understanding of an app's code and how it communicates with back office systems. Once understood, bad actors can insert malicious code to steal personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property (IP), and other sensitive data from the client side of the application. Or, they can steal encryption keys and API secrets to conduct follow-on attacks to gain access to critical infrastructure or databases. Protection without verification is futile Attackers vary from lone wolves to nation states —  all with varying motives —  but they share a few common traits: they are relentless, and they are constantly evolving their attack methods. Understanding what type of attacks are happening, in real-time, can mean the difference between suffering a large financial loss, and stopping an attack before it can be fully executed. Early warning of an attack offers the business the ability to shut down attacker account access or quickly update code protections to address previously unknown attack vectors. Coding best practices and traditional security software aren't enough to prevent reverse engineering attacks. When apps lack adequate protective capabilities, or the ability to communicate threat status, they're operating in an "open-loop" environment that bad actors can easily exploit. This leaves organizations in a position to respond to attacks after the damage has been done. Two steps to understanding app threats Step one  —  protect business-critical app code and underlying data they access and store against reverse engineering. Step two —  monitor these apps in real-time to understand the threat environment they are operating in from the minute they are downloaded from an app store or are loaded in a browser. App Aware (formerly Arxan) Apps are your most vulnerable attack vector

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