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Take breaks as you would in the office: It's tough to remember to take breaks. Get reminders by using your calendar to block off meal and break times. Make sure to include time on your calendar for exercise and fresh air — or just stand every hour or so. Set clear boundaries: Switching on and off from your workday to your home life can be challenging during a work-from- home scenario. Be sure to set clear intentions about work time and home time, which will help you avoid burnout. Work-life balance: When you're working from home, there will be times when you need to focus your attention on your loved ones. Continue to access available support options, caregiver benefits, and leave, as needed, to find the balance you need. Tips For Setting Up A Successful Work-From-Home Strategy The option to work from home can be a huge benefit for employees, but it also comes with its share of struggles. The successful launch of a work-from-program is dependent upon communication. Keeping employees informed and engaged is key. Whether your work-from-home strategy is temporary or permanent, it's important to make the transition as pain-free as possible. We've compiled some useful information on how to help employees ease into their new work-from-home environment, including tips on maintaining work-life balance, suggestions on communication, and advice on setting up a home office. WORK-LIFE BAL ANCE

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