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SOLUTION BRIEF PRIVATE LTE Nokia and Cradlepoint: Delivering Innovative Private LTE Solutions Together Helping transform your operations for the digital world Why Private LTE? Public LTE and enterprise WiFi based networks are increasingly struggling to keep up with today's demanding applications and services. It is common for enterprises and operators to take extreme and costly measures to meet customer expectations. Private LTE (P-LTE) has emerged as a solution that enables enterprises, service providers, or managed service providers to take advantage of a unique spectrum deployment model, bringing the benefits of cellular-based networks to indoor deployments. In the U.S., the FCC commercialized Citizens Bands Radio Service (CBRS) to drive proliferation of shared spectrum private networks. P-LTE empowers enterprises or operators to deploy and control wide area LAN in licensed, shared, or unlicensed spectrum — complementing scenarios where WiFi or Public LTE aren't optimal. P-LTE delivers high reliability, performance, coverage, security, network control, mobility, and reduced costs. P-LTE is ideal for operationally critical deployments that span across multiple industries such as industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, smart cities, and more. Cradlepoint — enterprise-grade wireless LAN at the edge for P-LTE Cradlepoint is first-to-market with cloud-based network subscription services delivered through NetCloud Service and gigabit-class edge router platforms. These solutions enable enterprise-grade features and predictable connectivity for a wide range of devices over a robust P-LTE network. Cradlepoint solutions are considered the de-facto standard for interoperability testing and connectivity at the edge for P-LTE deployments. Why Private Wireless with Nokia? Nokia Digital Automation Cloud is ideal for the business-critical communication requirements of factories, logistic hubs, and other enterprise verticals along with public safety organizations thanks to its high capacity and scalability, proven security, business critical wireless attributes, and its ability to be sliced for different types of traffic. Equally suited to small and large deployments and tailored to both local and international needs through its globe spanning cloud. ©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | Our digital automation platform brings pervasive mobile broadband coverage for terminals, sensors, cameras and other devices for mission and business critical industrial connectivity and digital transformation." Stephan Litjens, GM, Nokia Digital Automation

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