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Kemp CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Lisa Cohen PRESIDENT, TRAVEL GROUP Robert G. Sullivan CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER Matthew Yorke EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT/GROUP PUBLISHER David Blansfield EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT/EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Arnie Weissmann EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Yeoh Siew Hoon SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, HUMAN RESOURCES Janine L. Bavoso SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION Roberta Muller VICE PRESIDENT, INFORMATION PRODUCTS GROUP Sheila Rice VICE PRESIDENT, DATABASE PRODUCTS Elizabeth Koesser TRAVEL WEEKLY EVENTS PRESIDENT, TRAVEL GROUP Robert G. Sullivan EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, TRAVEL GROUP GLOBAL EVENTS Alicia Evanko-Lewis COVER CREDIT(S): CQYOUNG/NASTCO/KINGWIN/ILDA-VOODA/GETTYIMAGES Arnie Weissmann has been involved in virtually every aspect of travel jour- nalism, publishing and media for the past 25 years. His writing has won more than 40 national awards, he created the industry's first destination information service (Weissmann Reports), authored a best-selling textbook and has served as publisher of critical hotel and destination guides for the travel industry. The post-Covid future: Transformational travel transformed The most successful species in the insect world are those that transform throughout their lives into different stages of being. And the insect that is often the symbol of transformation is the butterfly. The Covid-19 crisis has forced dramatic change upon all of us, so indulge me as I apply the butterfly metaphor to travel: We're in the cocoon stage. Prior to the virus, the travel industry had already evolved from observational products to authentic, then experiential, then immersive and finally transformational offerings. Consumers had become hungry caterpillars, enabled by ease of movement and access to new environments. In more places, however, hosts began to regard visitors as an invasive species, displacing and despoiling rather than enriching local ecosystems. So -- was it only a few months ago? -- we appeared to be at the confluence of enlightenment and scourge. One branch of the movement focused on self- improvement through immersion in unfamiliar cultures and landscapes. The other actively sought meaning in their own lives by including volunteer efforts that contributed to a destination's well-being. There are indications that our chrysalis stage may be nearing its end, as destinations, resorts and cruise lines begin putting out timelines for reopening. What emerges as the "new normal" in travel will go beyond the introduction of health protocols. Those will be transitional. What will also emerge will be a new trajectory for the industry. It's my hope that plans for the resumption of travel reflect consideration about ways we can avoid treading the same paths that may have been profitable but ultimately self-defeating. Changes in traveller sentiment post-Covid may be hard to predict but there are clues as we're all undergoing what may be the largest extended shared global experience in humankind's history. There are shared limitations to our movements and to the functions of our professional lives. We have, in common, empathy for the suffering of those directly impacted, concern for the unemployed, sadness for disrupted lives, sympathy for those whose dreams were derailed on the cusp of fulfillment. Appreciation for those on the front lines. Many of us are biding time or, in our businesses, buying time. How all of this will change our thoughts about travelling will vary by individual, but I suspect that transformational travel will evolve into what could be called "renewal" tourism. Post-Covid, there will be more appreciation for what had been taken for granted and a determination not to mess up again. Our extended period in close proximity with our families will, I hope, manifest in a greater awareness of our roles as custodians of the planet that we're leaving our children. Destinations that offer a clean environment and compelling culture, ones that organically enable travellers to renew, rebalance, readjust and redefine, will characterise the new transformative travel. The industry, too, is in need of renewal. To emerge from our cocoon as something more beautiful than before will require that concepts we have always promoted -- authenticity, sustainability, community support -- transform from marketing buzzwords into operating philosophies. That's my hoped-for butterfly effect.

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