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very healthcare provider is trying to do the same thing: drive patient action to improve and maintain there health. But how do you effectively motivate your patients? How do you identify which patients receive specific messages? How do you deliver those messages, and what is the right channel and frequency to get the maximum return on your effort? With 35 years of experience in this field, SPH Analytics has developed Smart Patient Engagement to help drive: • patient engagement in their health • higher quality of care • improved health outcomes • informed decision making • reduced health costs • improved patient satisfaction • loyalty to the provider • patient retention Stratify patient cohorts by conditions, risk factors, engageability, and/or patient experience to deliver targeted and personalized outreach that drives desired patient behavior and outcomes. Smart Patient Engagement: Activate. Encourage. Address. Care. Improve. Save. Retain. Measure & Analyze Follow-up surveys to cohorts to test their recollection of messages and any actions taken to improve their health or close care gaps WHO? WHAT? HOW? REFINE? Message Design Variations on core message for each identified cohort group Omni-channel Outreach • Mail • Email • Text • Phone – IVR • Phone – Live Agent Stratify and Build Cohorts • Level of engagement • Disease conditions • Risk factors • Patient experience Improve Patient Health Improve Scores/Ratings Strengthen Patient Loyalty Increase Patient Satisfaction E Smart Patient Engagement Platform Engage Patients for Preventive and Chronic Care WHY?

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