10 DevOps Metrics You Should Know

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You Should Know 10 DevOps Metrics Go Beyond Metrics with You can use DevOps metrics to identify opportunities for continuous improvement, but the story doesn't end there. The Value Stream Platform helps you align software delivery processes with business goals, so you can be sure that the outputs of your DevOps workflows lead directly to outcomes for your business and value for your customers. Visit to learn more. Change lead time How long it takes a change to move from ideation to availability in production METRIC 1 How long it takes you to deliver value to users VALUE Defect escape ratio The number of defects found in production versus the number of defects found during development Whether code reviews, automated tests, and other quality processes need improvement METRIC 6 VALUE Deployment frequency How often changes are deployed to production METRIC 2 How frequently you are delivering value to users VALUE Deployment duration How long it takes to deploy a set of changes METRIC 3 Whether deployment activity is becoming more or less e-cient over time VALUE Change volume The number of changes that are included in each release to production METRIC 4 Whether you are delivering value to users in small but meaningful increments VALUE Change failure rate How often a change in production fails and must be immediately remedied Whether you are moving toward a more stable deployment execution METRIC 5 VALUE Mean time to recover (MTTR) The mean of the time required to recover from a failure in production How quickly you can resolve issues and restore service METRIC 8 VALUE Mean time to detection (MTTD) The mean of the time required to detect a failure in production How quickly you can discover and pinpoint issues that a‚ect availability or functionality METRIC 7 VALUE Application performance How an application responds to increases or decreases in user tra-c and activity Whether users consistently have a good experience when using the application METRIC 10 VALUE Service availability The percentage a service is available during a period of time How often users, applications, or other services can access a particular service METRIC 9 VALUE

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