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" Retail Automotive Leader Enlists Navisite for Oracle-to-AWS Migration—Resolving Months of Costly Testing Delays Within Days CASE STUDY XTIME AWS Migration Mandate A subsidiary of Cox Automotive Inc., Xtime provides the leading retention solution for the retail automotive industry. The company's service experience platform, Xtime Spectrum, helps OEMs and more than 7,500 dealers and 29 automakers across the globe increase retention by delivering a premium customer experience. In late 2017, senior management at Cox Automotive announced a company and subsidiary-wide initiative to move all on-premises inf rastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). For Xtime, this meant migrating its online transactional processing (OLTP) system—the main database running its Spectrum platform—f rom an on-premises Oracle database to the cloud. To begin Xtime's cloud journey, Hanan Hit, senior manager of database architecture at Xtime, and his team spent the better part of 2018 prepping on-premises Oracle databases for migration and building test machines to conduct Real Application Testing (RAT) on AWS. However, it quickly became evident that outside expertise was needed to help resolve testing issues on AWS and support the migration process. "Anytime we want to make a major change to our IT environment, we do RAT testing to make sure things will work as they should," said Hit. "Because our OLTP system manages the majority of our business operations, we needed to be absolutely certain that it would Over $250,000 saved annually on data center costs by moving to the cloud Assurance that core Xtime solution will run as expected on AWS In my experience, Navisite's knowledge of how to run Oracle systems on AWS is by far the best in the market. The team was professional, highly experienced, easy to work with and, above all, trustworthy." Hanan Hit Senior Manager of Database Architecture Xtime 1-855-739-3227 | Right-sized environment enabled fast response to global pandemic

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