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Surgery Center Patient Experience Surveys atient Experience Surveys deliver valuable information that help you improve performance and patient satisfaction. Understanding your patients' experiences and perceptions is critical for training staff, improving processes, and avoiding adverse events. P SPH Analytics' experience and reputation have made it the trusted partner of choice for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) throughout the nation, and we've helped hundreds of ASCs improve overall performance. SPH supports the overall mission of ASCs, many state organizations, and industry initiatives to further the cause and success of ASCs. In addition, these surveys help ASCs comply with industry accreditation requirements to conduct a patient satisfaction survey. We provide ASCs the tools needed to identify clear internal expectations to optimize patient satisfaction. Our advanced analytics help ASCs identify problem areas and create action plans for improvement. ASC Patient Experience Survey Exceptional Features and Value The following features (and more) are all standard components of the ASC Patient Experience Survey in addition to personalized flexibility to address your unique goals and objectives. • Multiple modality survey options including mail, phone, handout, email, text, and IVR • Timely monthly, quarterly, and annual reports • Extensive peer benchmarking • Dedicated client portal with unlimited users • Service Recovery module to identify, track, and resolve issues • 100% customizable surveys, available in multiple languages A unique feature of the ASC Patient Experience Survey is the ability to survey patients electronically. Our clients have sustained a 40-65% survey response rate over the past several years, with surveys returned in days as opposed to months. SPH Analytics' ASC Patient Experience Survey is an important survey for ASCs striving to provide superior services and exceptional quality care. ASC Express Survey Fast and targeted insight for rapid cycle improvement Express Patient Experience Surveys are short, streamlined patient experience surveys designed to efficiently gain prompt feedback from patients, giving the provider organization a wealth of strategic and tactical knowledge to take meaningful action. • The timely Express Survey approach yields a more accurate and true reading of the voice of a patient • The census-based approach surveys the entire patient population, rather than a subset or sample of patients • Service Recovery analytics enable patients' concerns or questions to be addressed promptly, empowering provider organizations to overcome an initial negative patient experience and deepen patient loyalty • Express Surveys are streamlined to a total of 10- 15 questions, as compared to 30-50 questions for CAHPS surveys. The surveys focus on key drivers of the patient experience and the organization's Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ® ), a proven metric for predicting customer loyalty and the likelihood that the customer will speak positively about the organization

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