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Off-Road Suspension Quick Fixes GM Pitman & Idler Arm Support Kit Fixing a common flaw in most GM trucks and SUVs steering By Dan Sanchez Photos courtesy Cognito Motorsports Oversized tires can cause excessive wear on GM trucks and SUV steering systems where excessive forward and backward movement of the idler arm can wear the joints in the pitman and idler arms. Over time this can alter the alignment and cause excessive tire wear. Cognito Motorsports offers a patented, quick and permanent fix in the form of an inexpensive support brace, which offers a better solution than replacing the entire pitman and idler arms with more expensive heavier duty units. Installing the support kit increases steering component life and as a result, can also decrease tire wear and land wandering. Systems are available for 1993 to 2020 model GM pickups and SUVs and are simple enough to bolt-on in about an hour, according to Cognito Motorsports. Source Cognito Motorsports 1 Access the steering and idler arm under the vehicle by removing any skid plates and anti-sway bar mounts. 2 Support the steering box with a jack and unscrew the pitman arm nut, then the bolts holding the steering box to the frame. 3 Remove the nut holding the idler arm pivot then unbolt the idler pivot from the frame. 4 The Cognito kit comes with an idler arm and pitman arm support that is patented and comes with everything needed for installation. 5 The support arms bolt to the factory studs and are bolted using the hardware provided to the torque settings specified in the instructions. Once everything is buttoned up, the installation is complete.

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