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Off-Road Suspension Quick Fixes Shock Bar-Pin Eliminators Adding more mounting space for aluminum body 2.0-inch shocks By Dan Sanchez Photos by DS Media LLC Swapping out the factory steel shocks with a set of 2.0-inch diameter, aluminum body off-road shocks is one of the first upgrades enthusiasts make to their vehicles. Depending on your make and model, most shocks are mounted with bar-pins that fit through the bushing on the shock eyelet and attach to the vehicle. Over time, the bushings get stretched or wear and the larger housing can rub or knock against the vehicle body, which sounds like the shocks are pounding through the floorboard. Installing a heavy-duty bar-pin eliminator eliminates this problem and also creates slightly more space between your vehicle and the larger shock housing on aluminum-bodied shocks. In this example, we replaced the bar-pins at the top of the rear shocks on our vehicle. Installation is easy and can definitely quiet your ride. 1 Most performance shocks will mount in the same way as the factory shocks, using a bar-pin on some mounting points. 2 The bar-pin eliminator replaces the stock shock bar pin on the left. We used a JKS unit because they are stronger than other units made from bent or welded steel brackets. 3 After removing the aluminum shock, you can see areas where the top is hitting the underside of the shock mount. 4 After removing the bar-pin from the shock, the JKS bar pin is inserted and compressed with a large C-clamp. 5 The kit includes a pin to lock the end brackets in place for easier installation and keeps the bushing compressed for optimum operation. 6 A cargo strap works great to compress the shock for reinstalling onto the vehicle. 7 The new hardware included in the kit secures the shock to the vehicle. In this case, the bar-pin eliminator was at the top, while the bottom used the factory stud on the rear axle. Source: JKS Manufacturing

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