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Palo Alto Networks | Cradlepoint | Tech Partner Brief 1 Palo Alto Networks and Cradlepoint Secure SD-WAN The Challenge During times of crisis, ensuring operational continuity is essential. Emergency pop-up networks need to be rapidly deployed across multiple locations. Corporations and schools need to migrate entire workforces and student bodies to virtual work-from- home environments, and brick-and-mortar businesses need to transform their business models so they can deliver services virtually. In these scenarios, predictable wireless wide area net- works (WAN) and security are table stakes. Today's networks struggle to keep up with surges in demand during volatile and unpredictable situations. Cradlepoint The Cradlepoint NetCloud ® Service enables enterprises to rapidly deploy and manage wireless WAN edge solutions at scale. NetCloud Service is delivered through cloud-managed LTE and 5G endpoints managed from a single pane of glass, delivering insights and analytics, alerts and monitoring, troubleshooting, over-the-air software updates, and flexible integration with external applications and services. Palo Alto Networks Prisma ™ Access by Palo Alto Networks is a secure access ser- vice edge (SASE) that helps organizations embrace cloud and mobility by providing networking and network security services from the cloud. With more and more users, branch offices, data, and services located outside the protection of traditional network security appliances, organizations need a cloud-based infrastructure that converges networking and network security capabilities. Prisma Access provides con- sistent security services and access to cloud applications (including public cloud, private cloud, and software as a ser- vice), delivered through a common framework for a seam- less user experience. All users, whether at corporate head- quarters, branch offices, or on the road, connect to Prisma Access to safely use cloud and data center applications as well as the internet. Prisma Access consistently inspects all traf- fic across all ports and provides bidirectional networking to enable branch-to-branch as well as branch-to-HQ traffic. Prisma Access is delivered as a cloud service from more than 100 locations in 76 countries for users and branch offices to connect, enabling connectivity and security for mobile users, branch offices, and retail locations. Palo Alto Networks and Cradlepoint Cradlepoint and Palo Alto Networks have joined forces to address this challenge by combining best-in-class cloud-managed wireless WAN connectivity and powerful SASE. This enables rapid deployment for critical applications such as pop-up healthcare clinics, enabling teleworkers and students to remain productive and extending branch offices to drive business continuity without compromise. Benefits of the Integration • Fast deployment of distributed networks with enter- prise-class connectivity and security. • Leading software-defined wireless edge solution designed for branch, mobile, and IoT networks. • Advanced threat prevention, web filtering, DNS security, DLP, and next-generation firewall as a service with Prisma Access. Figure 1: Distributed enterprise wireless WAN and SASE architecture IPSec Cradlepoint Router for Branch Cradlepoint Router for Mobile Cradlepoint Router for IoT Internet PN API integration Public internet Prisma Access Use Case No. 1: Emergency Response Pop-Up Clinics Challenge Pop-up clinics need to quickly and securely connect to adjacent hospitals or remote sites in the community. Solution Cradlepoint's wireless WAN, powered by NetCloud Service, delivers mission-critical connectivity over Gigabit LTE that can instantly scale to multiple sites. Paired with Prisma Access, temporary sites can run critical healthcare applications, elimi- nate attack vectors, and meet compliance standards.

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