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CUSTOMER CASE STUDY Breaking Down Data Silos for a Complete Customer View Company: Location: Industry: Employees: Product: Use Case: Reporting and Analytics Technology: Website: LiveRamp San Francisco, CA Marketing & Advertising 1,200 Matillion ETL for Redshift Reporting and Analytics Looker About LiveRamp LiveRamp provides the identity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences. Powered by its core capabilities in data accessibility, identity, connectivity, and data stewardship, LiveRamp makes it easy to connect the world's data, people and applications. The Challenge Stitching together data along the customer journey LiveRamp's mission is to connect people, devices, and data across the physical and digital worlds, enabling more personalized, intimate connections between brand and consumers. Using identity resolution to inform a better customer experience, LiveRamp provides its customers with detailed data to give them a greater degree of context for marketing communications. Inside its own marketing team, LiveRamp wanted to see the complete journey that its buyers took from awareness through to retention. But with data sources from across the organization, it was difficult to get a visual representation of the customer journey. In order to attain a complete view of buyers, across every buying stage, Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics, Hoshang Chenoy, wanted to find a way to stitch all of LiveRamp's customer data together and visualize the entire buyer's journey from start to finish. Chenoy decided that the marketing team needed one central place for their data so he could perform analysis from the varied data sources to tell a holistic story about their customers. In addition to not having a centralized place for all data across the business, obstacles included: Data silos: The data were in various formats across multiple silos in the organization: marketing, sales, product, and finance. Team work: The teams responsible for different sets of data were spread across time zones. Data Governance: In order to get the most use of their data, the team needed to pull a set of data that had never been accessed before using the API and somehow exclude the PII inside of that data source. The Solution Pairing the right team with the right tech Chenoy's first step was to gather stakeholders and get buy-in from each person. He brought together the Marketing Director, Head of Marketing Operations and an Executive Sponsor along with the team from Slalom Consulting that included a Data Architect and Engineer and a Senior Developer. Together, the team worked out what data could be pulled and the method for doing so. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, they gave close attention to permissions, data governance, and the security protocols necessary for this project. After evaluating different ETL tools and vendors, the team made the decision to use Matillion ETL for Redshift because of the product's seamless integration with Redshift, the cloud data warehouse they selected for the project. Matillion offered a cloud- native solution that leveraged the underlying power of LiveRamp's cloud data warehouse and provided the flexibility the team required. The need to write custom code for queries and perform data transformation, along with data governance concerns, shaped their decision to choose Matillion. "There are many ETL tools that do the E and L parts well. Matillion really does the T very well. We also wanted to write custom code for queries and none of the other tools had this flexibility," Chenoy explained. The team at Slalom worked to execute their data transformation plan and build jobs that would meet the needs of the marketing team and the business overall. They envisioned, designed, and implemented a scalable data lake in the cloud to leverage the power and performance of a cloud data warehouse. If a friend or peer were considering using Matillion, I would tell them that Matillion is going to make their life infinitely easier, blow away their superiors with the reports they can produce after blending the data, and literally help shape the direction of a company. It's very easy to convince someone to use this tool. © 2019 Matillion. All rights reserved Hoshang Chenoy Sr. Manager, Marketing Analytics > > > CUSTOMER CASE STUDY

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