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HOWARD TECHNOLOGY REAL SOLUTIONS 888.912.3151 The Challenge COVID-19 has challenged all of us in ways we never imagined; it's changed the way we live, work, and even learn. As a result, schools across the nation are looking for ways to expand their online curriculum and relying on distance learning and other online technologies to meet current and future needs. School districts are scaling up health and safety measures in line with their plans to offer some in-person and hybrid classes in the coming year. Plans for virtual learning, however, have proven to be a little more complicated. That's because most school districts have at least some students who live in remote areas or underprivileged neighborhoods and have no access to the Internet at home. According to the most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 14% of children ages 3-18 don't have Internet access at home, leaving more than 9 million schoolchildren unable to complete homework assignments online. And since not all students will be returning to in-person classes this year because of COVID 19, it's not only their homework that will be affected. Early discussions regarding the pandemic and school closures prompted one of the larger Texas school districts to take a closer look at the problem, with the goal of finding a workable solution. A subsequent assessment revealed that approximately 800 student families within the school district were without in-home access to the Internet, making distance learning impossible, which would leave many students behind. The onus was clearly on the district to provide secure, reliable connectivity for these students. How would they do it? Could they get it done before the school year started? What about the cost? Who could help? The Solution The school district already had a good working relationship with Howard Technology Solutions, so that is where they would begin. Howard representatives carefully reviewed available options with district decision makers, addressing specific needs, time constraints and budgetary concerns. In addition to matching the best product to a client's needs, Howard works diligently with vendors to bring in customer solutions at the lowest possible cost and to ensure that installations are completed quickly and efficiently. For this particular opportunity, Howard Technology partner, Cradlepoint, was chosen. Cradlepoint The Cradlepoint solution chosen involved placing 800 individual routers with student families. And while the whole operation may seem complicated, Cradlepoint's SIM- in-the-Box made set-up processes quick and easy—plug-and-play! Howard Technology and Cradlepoint Partner to Deploy Secure, Wireless Connectivity Solution for 1:1 Remote Student Learning The Challenge: • Educational Equity- Ensuring all students have reliable connectivity for access to distance learning materials • Time constraints—Ensuring everything is set up and fully operational prior to the start of the school year • Logistics—Working with all parties to set up secure, wireless connectivity for each of the student families • Budget constraints—getting the necessary technology at the right price The Solution: • Cradlepoint Wireless Connectivity • Individual 600C cellular routers- one per student-family The Benefits: • Elimination of the Digital Divide- Ensuring that all students have secure, reliable access to the Internet at home, equalizing the learning field • Long-term Educational Engagement- Keeping students involved and on track for success even when school is out for summer • Free interactive technical training | (888) 912-3151

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