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CommScope and Cradlepoint have partnered to deliver a comprehensive solution for private LTE deployments — ideal for mission-critical fixed and mobile use cases that require highly reliable wireless connectivity and coverage. From the edge to the Private LTE core, the joint solution provides end-to-end QoS, enterprise-grade security and a cost-effective solution ideal for a wide range of challenging indoor and outdoor applications. The Challenge As enterprises, municipalities, schools, and other large venues increasingly rely on broadband connectivity and leverage more IoT sensors for aggregating data and automation, there are increasing requirements for secure and reliable wireless connectivity. While most enterprises have largely relied upon Wi-Fi or mobile operator LTE services for wireless connections, there is a growing recognition that Private LTE networks are desirable for critical applications. Private LTE using CBRS operates in the interference free 3.5GHz spectrum and is ideal for critical use cases that are not effectively served by Wi-Fi. — Police dash-cam and body-cam videos generate an enormous amount of video which today is mostly uploaded via Wi-Fi at the police station, resulting in significant downtime and inefficiencies. — Ports, railroad yards, and similar large facilities struggle to automate their operations due to lack of large area, mobile broadband coverage. They need to deploy a wireless network with secure, mobile coverage in areas that are not well served by commercial networks. — Cradlepoint's cloud managed endpoints serve as user equipment (UE) for Branch, Mobile, and IoT deployments — aggregating a wide array of wired and wireless devices over a robust Gigabit-Class LTE network backhaul to Private LTE infrastructure. Leveraging Cradlepoint NetCloud Service, customers benefit from a rich suite of enterprise-grade features at the edge such as application visibility and control, QoS, edge security, and real-time diagnostics. — CommScope's Ruckus CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) LTE is a fully standard LTE package for easy deployment and management in enterprise and campus use cases, that takes advantage of new CBRS spectrum rules — enabling Private LTE solutions for business-critical use cases. SOLUTION BRIEF PRIVATE LTE Cradlepoint & Commscope: Private LTE Solutions for Critical Applications Key Benefits: — Allows enterprises to use predictable LTE technology for critical wireless connectivity needs — Superior reliability and QoS — Proven LTE security and mobility — Eliminates dependency on mobile network operators — Ensures great LTE wireless coverage wherever it is needed indoors and/or outdoors +1.855.813.3385 | 1

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