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How London's Metropolitan Police Service Went Cloud

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HOW LONDON'S METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE WENT CLOUD In 2015, the London (UK) Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) tendered for 22,000 body- worn video (BWV) cameras and supporting infrastructure for the MPS. MOPAC began with plans for hosting this infrastructure on MPS servers. Axon was awarded the tender in November 2015 on the basis that would be hosted on MPS servers. Discussions on implementing this project led to concerns within MPS and Axon about delivery and scalability. Following subsequent discussions, a decision was made to switch hosting to Microsoft's Azure cloud data storage centre in London. This was agreed upon mid-2016 and officially launched in December 2016. WHAT DECISION CRITERIA MADE THE MPS MOVE TO A CLOUD BA SED DIGITAL E VIDENCE MANAGEMENT S YS TEM? • CLEAR AND STRUCTURED FINANCIAL POSITION - Certainty of cost and ability for the MPS to plan effectively on the basis of Axon SaaS contracts was hugely vital at a time of great uncertainty over police budgets. • PACE OF CHANGE - The potential of machine learning, automation and big data analysis made the case for cloud based services overwhelming. • PERSONNEL - New leadership within the MPS Information Technology team recognised the capability of cloud services and created an opportunity to reconsider previous decisions. • POWER - Microsoft accelerated construction of its UK-based data storage centre, resulting in their servers and their willingness to offer additional services reinforced the cloud's computing power. • VISION - Axon's CEO visited the new head of IT at the MPS to emphasise Axon's commitment to its product and future partnership with UK policing. LESSONS LE ARNED TECHNICAL • Axon was able to show examples of cloud services to address concerns about security and location of data. For example, MPS (cloud would be hosted in UK) and City of London Police (cloud hosted in Dublin). • Reduced organisational risk, meaning that security, maintenance, upgrades and capacity issues are all handled by the cloud service and are compliant with all EU regulations. OPERATIONAL • Axon's vision and future roadmap. After visits to both Seattle (Axon) and MPS facilities, Axon could demonstrate in-cloud advanced functionality. For example, making automatic crowd- blurring available to the MPS following a recent cloud upgrade at the time of review.

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