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" " , A XON, Axon, Axon Citizen, and are trademarks of Axon Enterprise, Inc., some of which are registered in the US and other countries. For more information, visit All rights reserved. © 2018 A xon Enterprise, Inc. to send footage via email, which often failed due to large file sizes, or alternatively through Dropbox, which officers were not usually given the right permissions to access. Not being able to successfully send footage often frustrated the community. After failing to receive the footage digitally, which happened most often, a front line officer or police community support officer (PCSO) would be required to travel to the witness to obtain the potential evidence, which resulted in large amounts of time spent on the road given the nature of the geographic region. Even so, this method of receiving data in person posed a number of risks including USB sticks or CD's going missing or containing viruses/malware, extensive vetting procedures and personal devices being confiscated, leading to public confidence issues. The entire process took an extended amount of time and was not entirely safe or secure. Furthermore, digital evidence and digital media, which was once on the periphery, is now at the heart of every investigation that law enforcement agencies handle. Not only are people submitting photo and video evidence, but also screen shots of digital messages as cyber threats have become more common place. As the community continues to advance digitally it is becoming increasingly important that the police do the same. SOLUTION Axon now enables Cumbria to receive, review and share footage from the public easily and securely by supplying Axon Citizen, a proven public submission tool backed by Axon Evidence. com. The shift away from cumbersome legacy systems in turn has provided Cumbria police with substantial cost/resource savings. Axon Citizen for officers has proven extremely easy to use by both officers and the public, eliminating the need for step-by-step instructions and time spent on training. Rather than one small department, every officer is now able to quickly and easily receive and review evidence submissions, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently and in turn instilling greater trust within the community. RESULTS – HOW HAS AXON CITIZEN FOR OFFICERS HELPED CUMBRIA? " We've heard from our officers that Axon Citizen is one of the best additions to their tool kit," said Matt Kennerley. From initial deployment, Cumbria has realised a number of major time and cost benefits specifically a reduction in officer deployments, administrative work, loss of data, time spent on each case, and training resources needed. As well as an increase in evidential quality, public confidence, data security, ease of use, and early court verdicts. CONCLUSION The amount of digital evidence captured by both police forces and the public world-wide will continue to grow exponentially which is why agencies need a proven, secure public evidence submission tool. Axon has provided this solution for Cumbria as shown in the below statement: "SIMPLE TO USE SYSTEM THAT HAS BEEN INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE IN DIGITAL MEDIA INVESTIGATIONS AND ALLOWS US TO SHARE THAT INFO NOT ONLY INTERNALLY WITHIN OUR OWN ORGANISATION SECURELY AND EFFECTIVELY BUT ALSO OUR PARTNERS SUCH AS THE CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE WITHOUT SOME OF THE CONSTRAINTS THAT HAVE TRADITIONALLY HELD BACK LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES." – MAT T KENNERLEY, SUPERINTENDENT CUMBRIA CONSTABUL ARY Visit to learn more.

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