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" " CUMBRIA CONSTABUL ARY A XON CITIZEN C ASE STUDY ABOUT CUMBRIA CONSTABULARY Cumbria Constabulary is responsible for one of the largest geographic areas of any force in the United Kingdom, working across 2,600 square miles and protecting a population of almost half a million, while being one of the smallest forces in the country, with only 1,145 officers. Cumbria currently has 700 Axon Body Cameras, 1,200 Axon licenses and 1,200 Axon Citizen for officer licenses. With over 1,000 public evidence submissions in just four months, Cumbria is currently one of the largest users of Axon Citizen for officers and is the first UK police force to deploy Axon's public evidence submission tool agency-wide. OVERVIEW Axon Citizen for Officers enables forces to securely receive and manage one-on-one video submissions from the public relating to a specific crime they may have recorded or taken photos of on their personal phones. Individuals receive a URL via text message or email from the police that they can click to upload their photos or video footage. The files are uploaded directly into Axon so citizens do not need to hand their phones over to police. Officers can then review and tag the evidence provided, securely through Axon and discard all non-evidential footage. Axon Citizen works with to allow agencies to receive and review footage within their own evidential chain while prohibiting access to anyone who doesn't have permission. Immediately after deploying Citizen for Officers, Cumbria Constabulary realised this was a fast and secure way to successfully share evidence within the organisation as well as with partners, specifically the Crown Prosecution Service, which they were not able to do in the past. "WE NEEDED A SOLUTION THAT WOULD DELIVER THE BEST PRODUCT FOR BOTH THE PUBLIC AND FRONT LINE OFFICERS, BY WORKING THE FIRST TIME AND EVERY TIME, AND AXON PROVED THAT" - CUMBRIA CONSTABULARY SUPERINTENDENT MAT T KENNERLEY BUSINESS CHALLENGES Before using Axon Citizen, the process of receiving and reviewing public evidence was complicated and time consuming due to insufficient resources. Historically, Cumbria had an imaging department, which had a small number of staff who were the only employees permitted to review evidence. These staff members, of course, were not available twenty- four seven and were based at one location, which meant there could be delays in reviewing evidence as it came from all over the region, for example CCTV footage, which had to be collected and delivered. Sending footage proved just as complex using legacy systems. Witnesses would either try

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