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15 Years On: TASER Devices in the UK

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15 YEARS ON: TASER DEVICES IN THE UK Fifteen years on from the launch of TASER devices in the UK, The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), has conducted research among 42 police forces about their use of the device. It looks at: assaults on officers; it's efficacy comparable to other deterrents, and officers' views on the device. With evidence suggesting that TASER devices are the best recourse officers have to peaceably resolve incidents and better protect themselves, colleagues and the public, the report recommends the wider deployment of the device. ASSAULTS ON POLICE OFFICERS ARE RISING 27,072 Working days lost in the 3 years spanning 2014–2016 due to assaults £6.6 million Value of lost salaries alone 1/5 police ocers have been assulted on duty 43,516 Knife crime oences for the 12 months ending March 2019 KNIFE CRIME HITS A RECORD HIGH 82.2% used TASER devices as a deterrent 17.8% actually discharged TASER devices de-escalate with a range of steps from verbal warnings to visual alerts and puts distance between ocers and suspects 15m TASER DEVICES DE- ESCALATE SITUATIONS 22,637 TASER device usage* 2014–2016 usage can mean a device being just drawn, displaying its lasers or activating its arc

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