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SITUATION: Investigation support AGENCY: Southern agency , 100 sworn When a victim is interviewed by detectives in the sexual assault unit, this agency is required to create a transcript for the district attorney's office rather than hand - off hours worth of video. Due to limited resources, this administrative burden has historically fallen on the detective, who has to take about four hours to transcribe every hour of interviews. Now, with Auto - Transcribe, "we are estimating 65 - 75% time savings just by being able to push the auto - transcribe button," notes a Lieutenant in the Criminal Investigations Division. "Starting with the auto - transcript, our detective simply listens to the interview and make the correct changes in Transcription Assistant, all within an hour ." SITUATION: Reducing training and improving mental and physical health AGENCY: British Columbia (Canada) agency with 200 sworn At this agency, the records team can spend up to 75% of their day transcribing body - cam video and interview recordings for the Crown prosecutors. Not only can the typing lead to repetitive stress injuries, but many of the details in the videos can be disturbing and violent, leading to mental health issues and high turnover rates. Getting new transcribers up to speed can be a burden, but with Axon Auto - Transcribe, "we see our training times cut down dramatically — with just 30 minutes of training we can get a transcriber up and running ," says the Digital Evidence Manager. Not only can Axon Auto - Transcribe simplify training and onboarding, but it can also significantly reduce the sense of burnout that makes the job so tough. Traditional transcriptions methods require the transcriber to listen to a phrase, including the painful - to - hear ones, 4 - 10 times while typing each sentence into a word processing tool from scratch. "By starting with an auto - transcript, our staff is typing less and reducing the number of times they need to listen to difficult audio phases," says the Digital Evidence Manager. SITUATION: Keeping up with BWC evidence reviews AGENCY: Midwestern agency with 1,000+ sworn The Sergeant in charge of the Body - Worn Camera (BWC) program is responsible for reviewing every use of force incident and ongoing BWC policy compliance review across the agency; this can add up to 40 - 70 videos that need to be reviewed weekly. The Review Assistant speeds up this previously - tedious process significantly. "I can read the auto - transcript faster than I can watch the video even when using fast - forward," says the Sergeant. "Plus, I get a more comprehensive understanding of the incident by having access to the transcript." This saves him hours every week to focus on other priorities. SITUATION: Speeding up case and witness statement analysis AGENCY: Southern district attorney's office The Assistant District Attorney in this agency is seeing immense productivity gains by using Auto - Transcribe to review video evidence faster. "Reviewing cases is time - intensive, especially for cases with a large amount of video evidence. With Auto - Transcribe, I can get through the initial sweep of a case 25 to 50% faster," says the Assistant District Attorney. Additionally, in a major case, prosecutors can spend anywhere 10 - 15 hours analyzing the defendant's video statements. "Now, with one click, I can skip to the critical statements ," notes the Assistant District Attorney. We built Axon Auto - Transcribe to transform the way you review and transcribe evidence. No more having to watch every minute of a piece of digital evidence. Simply scan the auto - transcript to quickly survey what happened or search for keywords. When it comes time for 100% accuracy, you can quickly produce a court - ready transcript in a fraction of the time and cost required by human transcription. Below is a sample of how agencies have used the technology. Axon Auto - Transcribe: STORIES FROM THE FIELD , AXON, Axon, TASER, and are trademarks of Axon Enterprise, Inc., some of which are registered in the US a nd other countries. For more information, visit All rights reserved. © 2020 Axon Enterprise THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE ENDLESS USE CASES FOR THIS TECHNOLOGY. PLEASE VISIT AXON.COM/AUTO - TRANSCRIBE TO LEARN MORE.

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