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How a Platform Approach to Technology Modernization Is Transforming Manufacturing Performance and Quality Carestream Health provides digital X-ray products and X-ray film for the medical and non-destructive testing market worldwide. Based in Rochester, New York, the company has sites all over the world – from Oregon and Colorado to Mexico and China. After becoming an independent company in 2007, Carestream evolved its product portfolio from traditional film to provide cutting-edge digital radiography (DR) systems and has become a global leader in digital imaging and medical technology. "When I started working prior to Carestream, there was no digital. We were starting to work towards computed radiography (CR) at the time. Basically, you took a plate, you took the image, and you still had to convert that plate through electronic format into an image and then actually print it," according to Eli Tuber, process manager at Carestream. "Now, we're all digital. We've gone to a whole digital platform." Despite the digital innovation in its product, modern digital applications and tools hadn't been heavily leveraged by Carestream in its own technology stack. With more than 4,400 employees in globally distributed locations operating on legacy systems over 15 years old, the medical device company needed to modernize its tools and standardize its processes to evolve its business, reduce risk and improve productivity. Today, Tuber is leading a digital transformation of Carestream's operational technology in much the same way as the company's product transformation – from outdated legacy systems to modern digital platforms. MasterControl Case Study: Carestream Health 1 Case Study Company Overview Focus: Medical Device Headquarters: Rochester, NY Employees: 4,400+ global employees

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