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Best Practices for automation Happy developers, happy customers By implementing automated pipeline processes, developers have the framework to more rapidly turn innovative ideas into a practical reality. This also fosters a developer-friendly culture, freeing time for your development teams to focus on what they love: building great products. Evolving your development processes with automation is one of the best ways you can attract and retain the most talented developers while also building and quickly releasing features that delight your customers. Benefits of using automated pipelines a Keep DevOps teams small (we like to limit to a team that can be fed with two pizzas) a Standardize builds on systems a Assemble unit tests toward 100% coverage of the code base a Make unit tests 70% of the testing in duration, number, and scope a Establish role-based security controls a Capture, track, and measure standard metrics aCommit code to the main trunk, not long- running feature branches, or try and keep feature branches short-lived a Use distinct pipelines for each branch and team a Treat your infrastructure and delivery configuration as code Improve developer productivity Find and address bugs quicker Deliver updates faster Attract and retain top talent Automation reduces the time developers spend on routine tasks and eliminates waiting periods between stages of development. Your team can be agile by addressing smaller problems at a higher frequency. They can be notified of issues earlier before they grow into larger problems. By delivering smaller changes that are automatically prepared for production, your team will move faster and spend less time in lengthy testing processes. Reducing the time developers spend on the tasks they like least and freeing them to focus on innovation fosters a culture that keeps talented developers happy. © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Visit us to learn more about how Amazon creates and leverages automated pipelines in our development environments. Ready to see how it works? Modern Applications: Evolve your development processes

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