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19 WHAT HAPPENED? GLOSSARY Top Plays Fastest Ball Carriers Fastest Ball Carriers shows the maximum speed, measured in miles per hour (MPH), a player achieves on a given play when carrying the ball on offense (rusher, passer, or receiver) or special teams (punt or kick returner). This stat highlights many of the fastest players in the league. Longest Plays (Ball Carriers) Longest Plays shows ball carriers that have traveled the farthest during a given play (measured in yards) regardless of yards gained. This stat highlights ball carriers that use the whole field. Fastest Sacks NGS measures the amount of time that elapses from the moment the ball is snapped to the moment a defender sacks the quarterback. Represented in seconds, Fastest Sacks highlights defenders with some of the best instincts in the League. Longest Tackles A defensive player's hustle can go unnoticed on the field. Longest Tackles measures the actual distance (in yards) a defender covered on a play to make a tackle. This stat reveals players who don't give up on plays and can also indicate players who can truly cover "sideline to sideline."

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