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2 The Yield + Fall 2020 Dear Colleagues, Last spring, when I wrote urging you to continue connecting and to commit to relationship building with current and prospective families, I never imagined that we'd be inside a global pandemic and redefining our livelihoods as we entered a new school year. But here we are. Education has been turned upside down due to COVID-19. All the levers to control your school's enrollment strategy success have been stressed as well. The questions you need to consider grow on a daily basis: How will you reimagine admission processes to drive new students to your school at a time when physical meetups are unlikely? How well is your school's brand and educational program explained on your website? Did this year's pandemic create new questions for current families and challenge your retention of students? If so, what needs to change to improve parent and student satisfaction? Have you reinvented your tuition model and financial strategy? Has your student body composition changed, and if so, was that by design or due to market forces beyond your control? Finally, how well are you communicating about why students should be part of your institution AND what skills they'll gain as a result of being part of your community? A few years ago, when EMA renamed itself, we promised to be your partner in science, research, and training because we felt that admission practices of the past would not sustain independent schools of the future. Again, here we are. The market now demands more of us, and whether you've decided to suspend normal routines, such as admission testing, or whether you've completely closed campus and are trying to imagine how to replicate the person-person connections online, EMA will be there for you and your school. We spent the summer reinventing our admission testing and taking it digital — no easy task as we had to pioneer a new solution for students to take tests at home. We also redesigned our annual conference to be effective in a virtual space, and it's now the largest in our history with well over 3,500 attendees. Our conference theme this year, Reimagine Enrollment, invites you to take a journey with EMA and to work with your peers to reimagine how we do our work. To experience a moonshot moment that you co-create. There is no need to go it alone. We, at EMA, and your colleagues in independent schools across the country need to think creatively and to suspend (for a few hours over a few days) the weariness of the current world that weighs on us heavily in 2020. If you've been on the EMA conference website, you've seen the incredible video made by our Director of Professional Development Hans Mundahl, which uses President John F. Kennedy's voice as a call to arms: "We choose to go to the moon … Not because it is easy, but because it is hard." EMA's conference in 2020 offers a "moonshot" moment to independent schools, and we intend to do nothing short of thinking BIG. Let's redesign our system for enrollment into independent schools to be less anxiety producing, more inclusive, and free of bias, which will meet the challenges of these times. Let's make the journey into (and the experience of) independent schools joy-filled, inspiring, and rewarding. It's our time — let's get ready for lift off! "Companies fail because they do the wrong things or they aren't ambitious, not because of litigation or competition." — Larry Page, co-founder of Google Heather Hoerle, Executive Director, The Enrollment Management Association Facebook: • Twitter: @EnrollmentORG • Instagram: @enrollmentorg LinkedIn Group: The Enrollment Management Association • Google+: + Leaderboard

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