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, AXON, Axon, Axon Respond are trademarks of Axon Enterprise, Inc., some of which are registered in the US and other countries. For more information, visit All rights reserved. © 2020 Axon Enterprise, Inc. SITUATION: OFFICER IN STRUGGLE Agency: Midwestern agency with 1,050 sworn What happened: An officer was involved in a struggle with a subject and was unable to broadcast location or status over the radio. Real-time Crime Center (RTCC) personnel used Respond to locate her and livestream from her BWC. They affected the arrest with no injuries to the officer or suspect. SITUATION: GUNMAN ON CAMPUS Agency: Western agency with 240 sworn What happened: A sergeant used Respond to livestream an officer's camera who was responding to a gunman on school grounds while kids were present. The suspect cooperated and no one was hurt. By livestreaming, the Sergeant did not have to send additional unnecessary resources. SITUATION: SWAT INCIDENT WITH HOMICIDE SUSPECT Agency: Southwest agency with 158 sworn What happened: Several officers on the SWAT team were deployed to catch a homicide suspect. Command staff was able to use Respond and the mobile app to see observe their grid-search and stay informed. SITUATION: PROTEST MANAGEMENT USING REALTIME MOBILE APP Agency: Southern agency with 1,694 sworn What happened: During demonstrations in their city, this PD used Respond and the mobile app to view officer location and coordinate coverage. They also viewed nearly two hundred livestreams in just a single evening. SITUATION: STOLEN AXON BODY 3 Agency: Southwest agency with 250 sworn What happened: An officer's camera fell off while apprehending a robbery suspect. Back at the station, the lieutenant accessed Respond to see the GPS location of the missing camera. It was still recording from inside a red backpack. They tracked down the bag's owner to recover the stolen camera. Axon Respond for Devices (formerly Axon Aware) is our real-time situational awareness technology that works with Axon Body 3 cameras and Axon Air drones. Featuring live maps of officer location, alerts to notify of escalating situations, and the ability to livestream the camera's view, Respond is helping keep officers safe and command staff informed. Below is a sample of how agencies have used the technology. S T O R I E S F R O M T H E F I E L D A X O N R E S P O N D F O R D E V I C E S : T H E S E A R E J U S T S O M E O F T H E E N D L E S S U S E C A S E S F O R T H I S T E C H N O L O G Y. P L E A S E V I S I T A X O N . C O M /A X O N - R E S P O N D T O L E A R N M O R E .

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