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" An AWS Cost Optimization Success Story Promosis saves 30% on AWS and increases performance by 5x by partnering with Navisite CASE STUDY Who is Promosis? Promosis uses sweepstakes, skill contests, loyalty programs, instant-win games and more to help its clients establish, strengthen and maintain a meaningful relationship with their target audiences. The Challenge Promosis has been "all-in" on AWS for years, but as the company rapidly scaled its inf rastructure, it needed to make sure costs didn't rapidly scale as well. Traditional approaches to cost management that rely on manual, reactive processes had become untenable as the company's now modernized inf rastructure dynamically scales up and down in response to changing demands. Promosis needed a cost management solution that was as dynamic and proactive as its inf rastructure. The Solution Promosis joined Navisite's Managed Billing services and gained access to Navisite's powerful cost management portal. In the portal, Promosis was able to review its historical AWS performance and see recommendations for purchasing Reserved Instances (R1s), removing unused resources and rightsizing its instances. Working with one of Navisite's dedicated billing experts, Promosis was able to optimize the account and reduce its monthly AWS hosting fees by over 30%. Furthermore, Navisite was also able to identify advanced recommendations for cost savings such as migrating Promosis' database to Aurora, saving 40% while also increasing database performance by 5x. Navisite's Managed Billing Service was a no-brainer for us. The portal is powerful and easy to use, and it's really nice to know you can get a billing expert on the phone when you need one. Peter Barnet CEO 1-855-739-3227 | PROMOSIS Rightsizing Reserved Instances Proactive Cost Management

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