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1-855-739-3227 | The Benefits RESERVED INSTANCES The Navisite Managed Billing portal analyzed Promosis' Detailed Billing Record (DBR) and laid out the various RI purchase options and its associated return on investment (ROI). RIGHTSIZING WorkSpaces is extremely easy to manage. Working with Navisite, Promosis can maintain just a few "Golden Images" that contain the necessary applications for each work role. Furthermore, the WorkSpaces clients and Chromebooks automatically update, and Zero Clients have no operating system to patch or update whatsoever. PROACTIVE COST MANAGEMENT Locating cloud desktops and back office servers in AWS makes it easy to leverage more advanced AWS services for analytics, machine learning, big data and more. Promosis will pursue making data-driven decisions faster and more accurately using these additional, powerful AWS services since they are now at the company's fingertips. For more information, visit

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