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What would you do if you knew your customer was shopping 171 days before they get a new mortgage? Jornaya's first-party, witnessed, and proprietary data will allow you to know: M O R T G A G E Know When Your Customer is Actively Shopping Understanding behavior allows major-life purchase (MLP) marketers to respond to actual intent, rather than rely solely on educated guesses based on demographic segmentation. Behavior becomes even more important when it comes to mortgage consumers. That's a lot of consideration, and marketers who have a view into behavioral data will have a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. We capture journey behaviors without collecting sensitive customer data. We help you connect these behaviors to your marketing efforts so you can time and tailor your messaging better. Get in front of credit triggers. Know before MLS listings show up. Get there before they pick a realtor. • How likely a lead is to become a customer • When a "cold" lead suddenly starts showing high intent...even years later • When a current customer starts shopping again U N D E R S T A N D T H E M O R T G A G E P U R C H A S E Confidential and Proprietary. For information purposes only. Please do not copy or distribute further without prior express written permission from Jornaya™. ©2017 Jornaya™, & Lead Intelligence, Inc. All rights reserved. FUNDING EVENT BALANCE / PAYOFF INQUIRY CREDIT PULLED (MEDIAN DAYS PRIOR TO FUNDING EVENT) START SHOPPING -171 DAYS -68 DAYS -21 DAYS (DAY 0) HOW EARLY DO WE SEE ACTIVITY? (Median days prior to funding event) M O R T G A G E

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