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As a marketer you only see the part of the insurance buying journey that involves you. You know about consumer behavior when the consumer interacts directly with your brand, by visiting your website, responding to direct mail, opening your email, and calling your call center. The problem is that the consumer's journey isn't centered around you, it's centered around them. Jornaya's platform provides a full picture of consumer behavior. We're capturing millions of new shopping behaviors across our network of over 30,000 MLP websites every day. These sites also include home buying and mortgage journeys that insurance marketers can leverage to get in front of the right consumer at the right time with the right message. Gain a Full View of Your Customer I N S U R A N C E Get These Results Jornaya Activate is a monitoring platform that enhances first-party data. Marketers provide us with prospect and customer portfolios. We deliver daily updates directly into their marketing execution systems. This enables optimized timing and messaging for their retention, acquisition, cross-sell, and win-back marketing programs. BRANDS FIRST PARTY VIEW JORNAYA'S VIEW OTHER ACTIVITY CUSTOMER STARTS CUSTOMER CONVERTS 1001 E Hector St Suite 230, Conshohocken, PA 19428 • 267.460.7287 | | Confidential and Proprietary. For information purposes only. Please do not copy or distribute further without prior express written permission from Jornaya™. ©2019 Jornaya™, & Lead Intelligence, Inc. All rights reserved. Improve Retention Rates A P&C carrier used Jornaya Activate to identify the 13% of their customers who were actively shopping to replace their current insurance policy. Increase Cross Sell Opportunities Using Jornaya Activate, a carrier monitored their mono- line customers to identify that over 10% were already shopping for an additional insurance product.

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