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I N S U R A N C E Know When Your Prospects are in Market Early Buying Signals: Behavior is The Truest Indicator of Intent Understanding behavior allows MLP marketers to respond to actual intent, rather than rely solely on educated guesses based on demographic segmentation and/or predictive models. We capture online journey behaviors without collecting sensitive customer data. We help you connect these behaviors to your marketing efforts so you can time and tailor your messaging better. I N S U R A N C E Insurance buying journey In the past 6 months, 84M consumers shopped for insurance creating 185M shopping events 90 Days Insurance is a big-ticket item that entails a complex buying decision and emotional risk for the buyer. Whether it's auto, home, life, or health insurance, the customer journey takes weeks, or even months and involves a lot of research, consideration, and comparison. These are major-life purchases (MLPs) where the consumer journey varies dramatically by consumer segment. And it's critical for carriers to leverage available customer insights to improve the customer experience, while also increasing their retention, growth, and acquisition efforts. The insurance shopping journey takes 90 days or longer. What if you knew consumers were shopping during week 1? Our first-party, witnessed, and proprietary data let's you know: How likely a lead is to become a customer When a "cold" lead suddenly starts showing high intent... even years later When a current customer starts shopping again When a former customer who you want back is shopping

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