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Avoid a last minute surprise. Bring holographic models to site and see first-hand how designs will materialize with real-world surroundings. Save time and enable faster design decisions by visualizing projects in mixed reality. View designs as a tabletop model or be fully immersed at 1:1 scale. You drew the concept but have you seen it from every angle? Visualise a space with full-scale immersion and solve problems before breaking ground. With access to key features, such as the Tape Measure and Entity Info, important and relevant information is (virtually) at your fingertips. Bring your work to life Rapid iterations Physical models cost time and money. Conversely, mixed reality models in SketchUp can be amended and scaled in an instant. Collaborate Launch a co-located collaboration session with live audio. See where others look, and solve complex spatial issues as a team. Coordinate Smoothly navigate key spaces in mixed reality by selecting preset scenes and focus the conversation by toggling on-and-off model layers. Models in context Experience your design See the detail Visit sketchup.com/viewer to learn more Mixed Reality Viewer for HoloLens

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