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De-Escalating in the field and cutting operations time in half with the Axon Network THE MISSION As the Operations Manager and overseer of day-to-day operations for Western Regional Security, Phillip Ortega needed a solution that would enable the organization to better monitor field activity, quickly respond to and accurately report on any dangerous situations, and more easily manage all of the video data that needed to be ingested, stored and shared. Private Security Case Study: Western Regional Security THE CHALLENGE Before Axon, Western Regional Security officers had a higher chance of encountering dangerous incidents while on patrol. Many officers cover nighttime and lone worker locations where quick de-escalation was critical to keep them safe. Before Axon, Western Regional had to rely on anecdotal evidence to address any incidents that occurred between their officers and the public. Not having reliable insight into incidents led to drawn out investigations and sometimes made it difficult for Western Regional to exonerate officers without proof of what occurred. Liability was also a major concern stemming from a lack of insight into field incidents. Concerns around lawsuits and insurance liability are an everpresent threat in the security industry, especially in today's charged environment. Disputes often come down to a he says, she says situation which rarely leads to a positive outcome. Data management was an inflexible and manual process before adopting the Axon Network. Western Regional was storing all of their data on site. On-prem storage meant it was impossible to access any video footage for review off-site. It also meant that data sharing was a very manual process that required burning to a disc and hand delivering that disc to other site managers or law enforcement officers.

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