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ROCK HILL PD - TASER 7 CASE STUDY 'THEY LOVE THE TASER 7': HOW ROCK HILL PD ENHANCED CONFIDENCE WITH TASER 7 CEW / A NATURAL TRANSITION FROM THE TASER X2 For Sgt. Lee McKellar of Rock Hill Police Department, staying on the cutting edge of technology helps his agency keep their officers and the community safe. So when his department's TASER X2 CEWs were approaching the end of their 5-year useful life, he advocated for transitioning to the TASER 7 device. Making the upgrade was a clear choice for the department, which issues TASER devices to all of its 158 sworn officers. Over the years, the department's TASER CEWs have consistently proven their value, Sgt. McKellar said, with their presence often enough to de-escalate a situation, making them vital, standard- issue equipment. According to Sgt. McKellar, the department quickly saw the value of a double-shot device after shifting to the TASER X2 CEW in 2014-2015, making the adoption of the TASER 7 CEW a natural transition. "From an ocer safety level, it's a no-brainer to move over to [a double-shot TASER CEW]," he said, noting that it could take an officer several critical seconds to reload a single-shot device after a miss. / CLOSE QUARTER CONFIDENCE Aside from the advantages of a dual-shot CEW, Sgt. McKellar said that TASER 7's Close Quarter cartridges, rechargeable batteries, and dock and walk workflow played a major factor in the department's decision to upgrade. He noted that he had analyzed his agency's previous TASER probe deployments and found that the vast majority occurred within 6 to 8 feet — with a few occurring at around 10 to 12 feet. TASER 7's Close Quarter cartridges, which are optimized for a close-range deployment distance, were a perfect fit for his agency's needs. "Finally, there's a company listening to the rank-and-le ocers saying, 'Hey, you know our TASER contacts are within 6, 7, 8 feet or so,'" he said. / STREAMLINED PROGRAM MANAGEMENT In addition, Sgt. McKellar found that TASER 7's wireless design and new program management enhancements would save him several hours each month — and improve the agency's ability to serve the community. He uses the Axon Device Manager mobile application to easily assign or re-assign devices and batteries, making assignment "on the fly" with his phone. Before using the TASER 7's swappable, rechargeable batteries, officers would occasionally report that their TASER X2 batteries had died. If Sgt. McKellar was not at the station, he would have to return from home and switch the battery out. He estimated that the process of getting the officer's call, returning, and swapping out batteries could take up to 90 minutes.

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