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P A C K E T F L O W S W I T C H l DATA SHEET l HIGHLIGHTS High Density • Up to 4 field-replaceable modules in 1RU • Up to 8 full bypass segments • Each segment includes two network ports and 2 appliance/monitor ports Failsafe Connectivity • System heartbeat monitoring • Configurable fail open or fail forward per segment, upon loss of heartbeat or loss of EPT power Wide Range of Network Links & Rates • Copper, fiber singlemode and fiber multimode • Copper speeds: 1G, 10G • Fiber speeds: 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G • No transceivers needed on the EPT Appliance Connectivity • Use with all nGenius ® 7000 series packet flow switches • Connects via USB cable Management and Heartbeat • Managed and monitored seamlessly via PFOS running on the nGenius 7000 series and/or via PFS Fabric Manager Power and Cooling • Powered via USB cable to nGenius 7000 series • No power supplies or fans required External PowerSafe TAP 3296 Flexible, Low Cost Active Inline Bypass for nGenius 7000 Series Packet Flow Switch Product Description The External PowerSafe TAP (EPT) 3296 is a low-cost, flexible solution to provide active inline security, with bypass protection to guard against power failure. The EPT supports a wide variety of network links, connected to the nGenius 7000 series packet flow switch. Management, power and heartbeat are maintained via USB cable to the nGenius 7000 series. Management is done via the PFOS management software on the nGenius 7000, seamlessly integrated with all other PFOS functions, and/or via PFS Fabric Manager. External PowerSafe TAP 3296 Modules: Network Link Type Connector Segments per module 1G Copper RJ45 2 1/10G Copper RJ45 2 1/10/25/40/100G SM LX/LR/LR4 LC 2 1/10/25G and BiDi (40/100G) MM 50µm SX/SR LC 2 1/10G MM 62.5µm SX/SR LC 2 40/100G MM SR4 MPO 1

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