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l DATA SHEET l With the purchase of Arbor APS you've taken the right first step to protect the availability of your network and services from DDoS attacks. But as DDoS attacks continue to rise in size, frequency and complexity, you must remain vigilant to stay abreast of the latest threats. You've invested in a premium DDoS protection product, why not maximize it by allowing the industry leader to manage it for you? The Arbor Managed APS (mAPS) Service provides you several benefits: • Before Attack: Expert implementation and provisioning to properly prepare your business for a DDoS attack. • During Attack: On-premise attack mitigation conducted by industry experts to quickly stop DDoS attacks before they impact your business. • After Attack: Comprehensive post mortem reports, consultation and policy tuning to understand and prepare for future attacks. • Daily Maintenance: Remote, general management of on-premise Arbor APS appliance ensuring product is up to date, running properly and armed with latest Arbor threat intelligence. Take Advantage of Fully Managed, Layered DDoS Protection Modern day DDoS attacks use a dynamic combination of volumetric, state-exhaustion and application layer attacks vectors. Even though your on-premise Arbor APS is capable of stopping all of these attacks, there may be times when it's best to mitigate these large attacks upstream in your ISP's network or using the Arbor Cloud DDoS protection service for Enterprise. As part of your managed APS service, Arbor support personnel will configure the Cloud Signaling feature of Arbor APS which can be used to redirect volumetric attack traffic to in-cloud scrubbing centers for mitigation. This intelligent, fully managed combination of on-premise (Arbor APS) and in-cloud (ISP or Arbor Cloud) DDoS protection offers you the most comprehensive DDoS protection solution in the industry. Managed Arbor APS (mAPS) Service Maximize Your On-premise DDoS Protection KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS Implementation & Provisioning Trust the implementation and provisioning of your Arbor APS to ensure that your on-premise DDoS protection is setup properly. Fully Managed During Time of Attack Rely upon the industry leading expertise and best practices of Arbor to detect and stop DDoS attacks, both on-premise and in Arbor Cloud — providing comprehensive DDoS protection and minimizing impact to your business. Post Attack Reports and Consultation Learn from comprehensive post DDoS attack reports and expert consultation to help prepare you for future threats. Product Lifecycle Management Transfer the burden of managing your Arbor APS to Arbor's Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) which offers 24/7 assistance and tight integration with ASERT and Arbor Cloud SOC. Remote management of on-premise Arbor APS Coordination with Arbor Cloud during attack THE INTERNET YOUR DATA CENTER ARBOR ATAC SCRUBBING CENTER SERVICE PROVIDER NETWORK Nonattack Traffic Volumetric Traffic Application Attack Cloud Signal BOTNET ARBOR CLOUD ARBOR APS Figure 1: Arbor Managed APS Service. S E C U R I T Y

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