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l DATA SHEET l S E C U R I T Y Omnis Insight is an add-on to Arbor Sightline that enables advanced analytics by applying big- data technologies to maximize the degree of correlation of traffic volume with various network and business data sources to bring even more meaning to traffic analysis. Insight also enables high fidelity historical and forensics analysis by retaining raw traffic flows for as long as storage allows providing a photographic memory of high-detail historical traffic patterns as well as facilitating DDoS and other security investigations. Advanced Analysis Requires More Correlations For service providers and other large network operators, the network is the business. And having comprehensive network visibility is essential to understanding the health of the network but also understanding the value of connectivity the network provides. This requires expansive volume measurement from across the network, but also requires correlations with network parameters and other factors that uniquely identify the nature of the traffic and the exact components of infrastructure involved. And while some amount of correlation is good, more is always better. This is where Insight can elevate traffic visibility and analysis to advanced traffic analytics. How Big Data Makes a Big Difference in Analysis Knowing that advanced traffic analytics builds on maximizing correlations, a new approach is needed that combines a variety of high-volume data sources and stores them for as long as possible with no compromises in terms of choosing what to save and what to discard. Not knowing what is needed ahead of time means storing all traffic data and making it available when running an analysis. The new big-data technologies that have come about in recent years take advantage of the increased ubiquity of hardware resources while also enabling multi-dimensional access over all stored data, meaning that any combination of any number of correlations can be retrieved and analyzed with a simple yet powerful data exploration interface. When bigdata can be applied to traffic analysis, the traditional limits fall away, and advanced traffic analytics can be achieved. This is the essence of the innovation behind Insight. Insight Adds Multi-dimensional Analysis to Network Operations Omnis Insight makes it easy to apply multi-dimensional analysis to many existing network visibility challenges. For instance, when conducting peering analysis, multi-dimensional analysis brings ASN Origin, peers, routers, interfaces, customers and more aspects together all at one time and makes it easy to see traffic move from the source to the destination and how it touches the intermediate steps. Similarly, multi-dimensional analysis helps peel-away the layers of ambiguity when trouble-shooting service degradation and quickly identify the cause by allowing each aspect to be added individually and seeing which reveals the anomaly all within one view. Omnis Insight Assists with Smarter and Faster Network Visibility Decisions Omnis Insight builds on the industry-leading Arbor Sightline network visibility platform. Insight's big-data capabilities add the power of multi-dimensional analysis with enriched raw flow data. Leverage Arbor Sightline's unique flow annotations and integrated UI enabling you to conduct agile, multi-dimensional searches of raw and enriched data with unlimited filtering. Insight provides the ability to maintain granularity over time, enabling detailed retrospective drill-downs and effortless pivots from graphical to tabular visualizations. Applied with new visual analytics tools, operators have the clarity to make smarter and faster decisions about their network. Omnis Insight elevates network visibility to advanced traffic analytics. Omnis Insight Big Data Analytics at the Speed of Thought for Faster Network Insights and Smarter Business Decisions KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS Extends and Enhances Arbor Sightline Omnis ® Insight extends and enhances Sightline to retain high-fidelity, long-term storage of your annotated raw flow data and to allow multi-dimensional, visual analysis. Visualize complex queries and ad- hoc explorations in graphical and tabular formats from a single UI. Made for Networking Experts No data science required. Insight presents analysis in familiar networking terms and visuals making it easy for network experts to be productive immediately. Scales to the Size of Your Network From a single server to millions of flows per second retained for a year or more. Insight has got you covered. Complete API Accessibility Bring flexible traffic search and advanced analysis to external tools or third-party integrations with the REST API. If you can see it in the UI, it's accessible via the API. Power Business Intelligence Tap into Insight's comprehensive data with NETSCOUT supplied tools or other industry- standard BI tools to leverage network data to help answer business questions and provide the visibility needed to solve strategic challenges. Enhanced Forensic Investigation Move freely and intuitively through historical data in less time to learn more about past attacks, targets and indicators without being overwhelmed by multi-screen/multi-report process.

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