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VB120 Modular 1G/10G Packet Flow Switch

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l DATA SHEET l P A C K E T F L O W S W I T C H Product Description The vBroker 100 Family Network Packet Broker is a highly scalable modular system that bridges the gap between 1G and 10G Ethernet networks and tools. It is designed to meet NEBS level III requirements. The VB120 model consists of a 2RU chassis that supports up to four chassis modules, with each of the first three modules supporting up to 8 Gbps throughput and the last module supporting up to 40 Gbps throughout – for a chassis total of 64 Gbps of unidirectional (or 128 Gbps of bidirectional) throughput and up to 24 ports of 10/100/1000M and 4 ports of 10G/1G. All ports on each chassis module are enabled by default, with each port configurable as a network traffic, intermediate (service), or monitoring tool port. With vMesh, a self-organizing architecture, traffic capture devices can be deployed in a redundant, low-latency meshed architecture for dynamic and fault-tolerant visibility that can scale to over 4000 1 ports across LAN and WAN environments, including tunneling. Delivery Optimization Beyond scalable aggregation, replication, and speed conversion, the VB120 supports line rate hardware-based packet filtering and session-based load balancing of packets to tools. User-independent filtering allows traffic to be distinguished according to source and/or destination MAC address, IP address, SCTP/TCP/UDP port, as well as by specific protocols, such as HTTP, VoIP (SIP, RTP), and others. A custom filter enables more granularity, specifically within the payload of a packet. Filters can be ingress, egress, and overlapping. Session/flow-aware load balancing enables user control of traffic distribution to monitoring tools, increasing output capacity while maintaining session integrity. For example, a 10G network can be captured and automatically balanced across multiple 1G monitoring tool ports based on user-defined session criteria. Session-based, flow-aware load balancing can operate in tandem with hardware-based filtering or independently. VB120 Modular 1G/10G Packet Flow Switch Refining The Economics of the Data Center with Gigabit Scalability and Flexibility 10/100/1000M Copper PowerSafe Module | 8 x 10/100/1000M UTP Ports 1G Standard Module | 8 x 1G SFP Ports 1/10G Standard Module | 4 x 10G /1G SFP+ Ports 1/10G Advanced Module | 4 x 10G /1G SFP+ Ports 1/10G PowerSafe Fiber Module | 4 x LC Ports 1/10G Advanced PowerSafe Fiber Module | 4 x LC Ports HIGHLIGHTS • 2 Rackmount Unit (RU) chassis with hot- swappable architecture • 240 Gbps unidirectional (480 Gbps bidirectional) throughput and non-blocking switching fabric • Up to 4 swappable chassis modules • Up to 24 non-blocking ports of 1GE and/ or 10GE per chassis • Line rate performance on all features, including rate conversion, aggregation, replication, filtering, load balancing, port tagging, time stamping, protocol stripping & de-encapsulation, conditional slicing, and encapsulated filtering & balancing • IP Tunnel termination (e.g. ERSPAN, NVGRE) • Reliable and secure WAN tunneling • Active inline traffic forwarding and tool chaining with fail-safety • Intelligent fully meshed stacking/ interconnect (vMesh) • Management via command line, XML API, and graphical user interfaces for local and remote access • Designed for NEBS III 1 Total number of ports in a single vMesh is dependent on quantity and complexity of filtering.

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