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S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R l DATA SHEET l Get the Big Picture on Roaming Ensuring Your Success with World Events Improve the Roamers' Experience Think you already have a handle on your roaming business? Well, think again. In the case of world events, much of what you know is of little consequence as the partners with which you connect and the roamers you serve can change in a matter of weeks. When the world is invited, you may never know exactly who'll be coming or what services they'll use but you can prepare yourself by keeping a watchful eye on changes in the volume of roamers and traffic you exchange, with other mobile operators. Sure, day to day you may already keep tabs on the performance of your roaming traffic but do you really know where the majority of your revenue streams are coming from? • Which countries are popular destinations for your subscribers? • Which operators are sending you the highest number of physical roamers or the majority of roaming data traffic? • How will these "knowns" change in the months leading up to a major event? SOLUTION OVERVIEW Ensuring roaming partner readiness for World Events is only one of the ways that NETSCOUT'S solutions can help you enhance your roaming business and protect your brand's reputation before, during and after a world event. • Iron Out the Wrinkles: Proactively resolve issues before travel peaks. • Expect the Unexpected: Mitigate the risks associated with high profile events. • Jumpstart Revenue Streams: Turn low roamer activity into high volume data usage. • Never Leave Empty Handed: Document performance and compliance to ensure advantageous partner negotiations.

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