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Isolate Wi-Fi Issues for Faster Problem Resolution

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l FACT SHEET l E N T E R P R I S E Isolate Wi-Fi Issues for Faster Problem Resolution Organizations in today's digital economy rely on Wi-Fi 24/7 for communication and to deliver business services, so anytime those services are not available or not performing at optimal speed; collaboration, effectiveness and productivity are negatively impacted. And it is not just an occasional situation. The pervasiveness and criticality of Wi-Fi can be seen with people in remote offices or on warehouse floors or wherever they need to work. Internet of Things (IoT) devices that depend on Wi-Fi, such as medical devices and monitors in hospitals, robots and sensors in plant or forklifts and scanners in a distribution center, are changing the business world. Businesses in retail, hospitality, healthcare, education or any industry with face-to-face customer interactions have embraced the use of Wi-Fi to draw in and engage with customers. Wi-Fi availability can be a differentiator when people choose where to spend their time and money. Using business- specific applications on Wi-Fi connections can result in longer visits, multiple purchases and higher sales for a store or restaurant offering Wi-Fi to their customers. For all these people and devices depending on Wi-Fi to use business applications, it is more than just frustrating when an application won't open or runs slowly. It can mean work doesn't get done, sales don't get made or even that life-saving information isn't processed and shared. For IT, managing Wi-Fi can expose multiple issues that commonly occur within these environments. From radio frequency (RF) issues with co-channel or adjacent channel interference, to device issues with misconfigured access points (APs), Wi-Fi problem solving is complicated. 47% of all employees expected to be Wi-Fi only by 2020 1 Even with the potential Wi-Fi issues, many problems that get reported as Wi-Fi problems are not actually due to the Wi-Fi network. Issues misdiagnosed as a "Wi-Fi" problem can occur on the wired network - from the LAN and WAN all the way to the application on the server in the cloud or data center. Waiting for people to complain, and then convening all the teams together for a finger-pointing meeting is not an option. Quickly detecting real problems that impact users and devices and then determining what part of the complex end-to-end service delivery network is at fault, saves critical minutes of service downtime or slow-down. 1 HIS Markitâ„¢ WLAN Strategies and Vendor Leadership North American Enterprise Survey 29 June 2018. DETECT Measure and report user experience of apps and services. Alert on failures and thresholds ISOLATE DIAGNOSE Report access point KPI's. Address specific issue on specific access points Isolate fault to Wi-Fi link, or network, server, app. If Wi-Fi, isolate to access point. Figure 1: NETSCOUT approach enables the Wi-Fi expert to focus on solving issues that are due to the Wi-Fi.

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