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l FACT SHEET l E N T E R P R I S E Service Assurance in City Government Digital initiatives are driving the need for expanded Service Assurance solutions in City Government, involving diverse projects that include Internet of Things (IoT), data center transformation, open government, civic engagement, and "Smart City" projects. Such initiatives can enhance the local landscape of civic service delivery to residents and offer the potential of using digital applications to deliver City services more efficiently and inexpensively. Regardless of the digital initiative's focus, there are accompanying needs to pilot new projects, ensure availability and responsiveness of those services to local employees and residents (for both digital initiatives and legacy services), and then provide ongoing service assurance once systems are in production. Otherwise, initially enthusiastic users (e.g., residents, business owners, City employees) can get discouraged when websites experience errors, updated 3-1-1 Contact Centers cannot be quickly engaged, or the "no-longer-new" civic Wi-Fi service is slow and unsecure. At the same time, service assurance solutions are required for the day-to-day delivery of ongoing City services, including managing network, application, and Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) platforms supporting schools, emergency services, public works, and the local government infrastructure itself. For first responder services, in particular, any unexpected service downtime or delay can present dire results. Our Approach NETSCOUT ® technology provides City information technology (IT) teams with the solutions needed to ensure successful digital initiative pilot phases and ongoing service assurance of production systems, with our nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform delivering end-to-end network visibility, always-on monitoring (for networks, applications, and UC&C technology), and intuitive troubleshooting required to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). With NETSCOUT's patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology transforming network packet data into "smart data" in real time to fuel nGeniusONE's performance analytics, our solution helps City IT teams ensure security, manage risk, facilitate superior decision making, and drive service delivery through automation and pervasive deployment. Our solution also leverages NetFlow to complement our core InfiniStreamNG™ (ISNG) software and hardware appliance technology, with NetFlow converted to NETSCOUT smart data for nGeniusONE performance analytics. Our Solutions NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions are used today to help leading Cities successfully deploy and securely manage digital transformation projects, whether based on wired, wireless, cloud, or virtual network services and infrastructure elements. In providing service assurance solutions required for both digital initiatives and ongoing City service delivery operations, our nGeniusONE platform provides continuous, real-time monitoring that IT teams need to adopt a services-oriented approach toward ensuring critical municipal and business services (reliant on network, voice, video, email, mobile platforms) are both available and performing at high levels. The nGeniusONE platform leverages NETSCOUT smart data for real-time visibility required for comprehensive analysis of service performance across complex N-tier application environments. The combination of smart data and superior analytics allows City IT professionals to understand the full context of application services and the anomalies contributing to poor user experience or application performance. While nGeniusONE today supports City customers' efforts to transform IT operations, our solution also provides a single solution for day-to-day service assurance for City services, including: • Pinpointing the cause of slow-downs in services delivered to residents (e.g., real- estate transactions, online payment of water/sewer and auto/personal tax bills).

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