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Asia Pacific Regional DDoS Activity 1H 2020

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APAC countries were a bit unusual when it came to overall metrics. While attacks targeting Japan grew 229 percent, both max attack size and throughput dropped significantly—48 percent and 84 percent, respectively. China, meanwhile, saw only a 25 percent drop in attack frequency, while max throughput dropped 51 percent. But when it comes to top vertical industry targets— ecommerce, education, cloud services, and healthcare— the COVID-era attacker mantra held true. Attacks on ecommerce increased by 191 percent, with high-throughput campaigns proving particularly popular—a 154 percent increase. Meanwhile, attack size and throughput for hospitals grew by 98 percent and 100 percent, respectively. Asia Pacific Attack Frequency Max vectors used in a single attack Max attack size 15% 25 Max throughput Average duration 12% 71% 1.1 TBPS REL AT I VE T O 1 H 2019 Regional DDoS Activity APAC N E T S C O U T T H R E AT I N T E L L I G E N C E Explore the full 1H 2020 NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report RE AD THE REP O R T

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