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Enabling Remote-Home User Productivity

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l SOLUTION BRIEF l S E C U R I T Y THE CHALLENGE • As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations around the globe are instituting work/learn-from-home policies on a massive scale. • Now more than ever, critical infrastructure such as internet circuits, routers, VPN gateways, and firewalls must remain available to ensure remote access to internal resources and services. • Many of the applications that now need to be accessed via VPN are critical to business continuity e.g. finance, payroll, engineering etc. A successful attack can impact the productivity of remote/home users, and bring a business to a standstill. DDoS Attacks Pose a Significant Threat to the Availability of Critical Infrastructure and Services For example: • Enterprise/Data-Centre Internet Connectivity – Remote/Home-based users need to be able to reach critical services within the enterprise network or data-centre. Due to the increased utilization of these circuits from legitimate remote users, even a small sized DDoS attack (i.e. 1 Gbps which is very common) can impact the performance and availability of these circuits. Note: These circuits and critical business services could reside in corporate, partner or cloud-based/hosted networks. • VPN Gateways/Firewalls – These devices (whether they be in the same box or separate) are used to provide secure access to enterprise LAN/data-centre resources for remote/ home-based users. These devices are usually stateful and are susceptible to DDoS attacks (more specifically TCP State Exhaustion attacks). Figure 1: DDoS attacks pose multiple threats to remote user access. DDoS ATTACK CORP NETWORK CUSTOMER WAN / THE INTERNET ATTACKER / BOTNET Internet Circuit 1 HOME/REMOTE USER Unable to access corporate Firewall / VPN Internal Network Resources & Services Firewall / VPN services 2 Critical Applications 3 Enabling Remote/Home User Productivity Protecting Availability of Critical Infrastructure From DDoS Attacks

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