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l SOLUTION BRIEF l S E C U R I T Y Intelligently Automated, Hybrid DDoS Protection, Backed by Global Visibility and Threat Intelligence The facts are clear – DDoS attacks continue to rise in size, frequency and complexity. Modern- day DDoS attacks are a dynamic combination of: 1. Volumetric 2. TCP State Exhaustion 3. Application Layer Attack 4. Encrypted Traffic Attack Vectors Industry best practice for DDoS defense is a multi-layer, or hybrid approach that takes into account the different types and targets of DDoS attacks. High volume flood attacks that target internet connectivity must be mitigated in the cloud, away from the intended target before they overwhelm local protection. Application layer, state exhaustion and encrypted traffic attacks need to be detected and mitigated with on-premise solutions close to where the applications or services reside. Just as important, the solution must have an intelligent form of communication between these two layers backed by up-to-date threat intelligence to stop dynamic, multi-vector DDoS attacks. In-Cloud Protection NETSCOUT ® Arbor Cloud ® is an ISP agnostic, in-cloud, fully managed DDoS Protection service. Employing 14 scrubbing centers located throughout the US, Europe and Asia, Arbor Cloud provides over 11 Tbps of global mitigation capacity. Enterprises can seamlessly integrate their on-premise NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense™ (AED) protection with Arbor Cloud to obtain comprehensive DDoS attack protection. Service Providers can also use Arbor Cloud for extra mitigation capacity and expertise. Arbor DDoS Attack Protection Solutions Key Features and Benefits Proven and Trusted Solution For the past 20 years, Arbor has been the undisputed leader in DDoS attack protection solutions. Arbor's solutions are trusted by a majority of the world's Internet Service Providers and many of the largest Enterprises. DDoS Protection for Any Organization From on-premise appliances and virtual machines. Arbor's DDoS Protection meets the deployment, scalability and budgetary needs of any organization. Global Visibility and Threat Intelligence All Arbor products and services are backed by the global visibility and threat intelligence from ATLAS ® and Arbor Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT), enabling organizations to stop the latest DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Figure 1: DDoS Attack Protection Solution. IN CLOUD THE INTERNET 1 Volumetric Attack Other Types of DDoS Attacks Application-Layer Attack Flood Attack Against Stateful Devices Attacks in Encrypted Traffic BOTNET CLOUD SCRUBBING CENTER 3 5 AED automatically blocks DDoS attacks using local attack policies (Whitelists & Blacklists, URLs, Countries, etc.) PRIVATE OR PUBLIC DATA CENTERS Outbound Threat Communication NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense AED can automatically block outbound IoCs or C2 communications from compromised internal devices. AED specializes in mitigating attacks that are difficult for cloud-mitigation services to detect, such as state exhaustion and application-layer attacks plus attacks in encrypted traffic. 4 AED employs global expertise and threat intelligence from ATLAS/ASERT or 3rd parties via STIX/TAXII to identify DDoS Attacks and Cyber Threats. 6 AED can communicate with Cloud Scrubbing Centers and redirect volumetric attacks to those centers augmenting mitigation. 2 Because of its stateless design, AED protects stateful devices like NGFWs and VPN Concentrators. 6 5 2 3 1 4

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