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l SOLUTION BRIEF l S E C U R I T Y See Your Network. Solve Your Problems. Grow Your Business. The rapid growth in network data and costs and the loss of revenues to over-the-top (OTT) applications are squeezing traditional Service Providers. Solving key business problems starts with proper visibility. You can purchase or subscribe to Arbor Visibility Solutions how you want them and achieve pervasive network visibility with ease. Built for owners of large and complex networks and proven to scale cost-effectively across your entire global network, Arbor Sightline analyzes NetFlow, SNMP and BGP routes from across the network to transform raw data into business insights. This enables you to act on these insights to solve your business problems from network planning and engineering to service availability and enablement. The Solution That Evolves With Your Business Needs As network operators, you demand a solution that evolves with your business needs. Arbor Sightline has been evolving with operators over the last decade and continues to be the de facto platform for understanding how traffic is flowing through your network. Arbor Sightline addresses the following key business objectives: Gain Business Insights, Not Just Data The network is the business. Operators must optimize resources and thus save money, and Arbor Sightline provides robust capabilities from network-wide capacity planning to managing overlay RFC 2547 BGP/MPLS VPNs. This pervasive network data can also be leveraged to make routing and peering design decisions, lower transit costs and provide marketing insights. Keep the Network and Services Running Time is money. Operators must quickly detect and resolve problems before impact. Arbor Sightline can detect potential outages from network hotspots, BGP hijacks, DDoS attack traffic or even network misconfiguration. Then, Arbor Sightline provides root cause analysis tools to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. Launch Revenue Generating Services Growth is crucial. Operators must support and drive top-line growth. With Arbor Sightline, operators can propose new service offerings such as DDoS protection, customer or ASN specific traffic analytics, Quality of Service (QoS) and MPLS VPN services. Current investments and infrastructure can be utilized to quickly launch new services or enhance existing ones. The built-in portal, multi-tenant customer scoping and RESTful API help operationalize these new revenue- generating services quickly and efficiently. Key Benefits Optimize Network Resources Use comprehensive traffic, customer and geographic reports for smarter traffic engineering. Reduce transit costs, improve utilization and intelligently plan for the growth of your network. Serve the Business Provide insights to the business leveraging built-in and ad hoc traffic and market reports. Uncover trends to help the business grow. Minimize Outage Time Through proactive detection of network or service availability threats, quickly diagnose and prevent misconfigurations, flash crowds or malicious threats such as DDoS attacks from impacting availability. Launch Services Leverage the same Arbor Sightline platform used for network visibility and threat detection to easily provision, deliver and maintain new services from traffic intelligence, market breakdowns, Quality of Service (QoS), and MPLS/BGP VPNs. Flexible Cloud-Based Licensing Flex Licensing unlocks new utilization and scalability while lowering the total cost of ownership. Global Analytics and Visibility The new AIF subscription for Arbor Sightline and Arbor Insight combines your local traffic analytics and visibility to a global experience with ATLAS ® Intelligence Feed. Automate Processes A RESTful API enables full integration with other operational systems so you can automate processes and drive more value from your network. The API can also access Arbor Insight's big data lake. Global Analytics and Visibility The new AIF subscription for Arbor Sightline and Arbor Insight combines your local traffic analytics and visibility to a global experience with ATLAS Intelligence Feed. Arbor Visibility Solution

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