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Your business has ever- increasing volumes of data. You need to find new and more efficient ways of consolidating and transforming your data sources to make better, more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage. Matillion helps businesses of all sizes handle the variety, volume, and velocity of their data, by transforming data across your various sources into BigQuery, bringing you new levels of simplicity, speed, scale and savings. Simplicity Our intuitive UI and approach to data transformation makes complex tasks simple. Launch Matillion directly within your cloud environment, make data governance and security easy. Speed We deliver fast time to value, from launch to development to production. Matillion alleviates the need to hand code ETL processes, saving critical developer time. Developers, however, maintain flexibility with a number of scripting components for complex use cases. Scale Built to take advantage of the power and features of BigQuery. Purpose-built for BigQuery, Matillion takes advantage of the elastic scalability and compute power inherent within the cloud. Savings Pay as you go with no long-term commitments. Flexible pricing models to best meet your needs. Take advantage of our free trials as well as technical support by our Solution Architecture team to help you get started. Data transformation for BigQuery, enabling new levels of simplicity, speed, scale, and savings. Pay-as-you-go pricing model to reduce costs and deliver fast time to value. Support for BigQuery specific features, including structs and arrays and integration with GCP services. Matillion ETL for BigQuery Purpose-Built Data Transformation for BigQuery © 2019 Matillion. All rights reserved

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